Tourism is Hudson's $78 Million Economic Driver

Of all of the programs and services we organize through the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau, the least visible to the residents of Hudson is tourism promotion. Why? Well, you are already here. Spending money to tell you how great Hudson is would be a waste, you already know what a wonderful place it is.

Despite a lack of local visibility and awareness, tourism is a huge economic driver in Hudson. According to a recently completed report from Tourism Economics:

  • Visitor spending generated $77.5 million in total business sales in 2017 as tourism dollars flowed through the Hudson economy.
  • Visitor activity sustained a total of 884 jobs, with income surpassing $20.4 million.
  • Including indirect and induced impacts, tourism in Hudson generated $3.1 million in local taxes, $3.2 million in state taxes, and $4.2 million in Federal taxes last year.
Beyond generating revenue and creating jobs, tourism adds to the quality of life of local citizens. You just don’t find all of the amenities Hudson offers in most communities of 35,000 people. Without tourist spending, Hudson doesn’t have one of the best dining and shopping districts in the Midwest, numerous hotel options for visiting friends and family, and a Northwoods League baseball stadium under construction. Additionally, a portion of the room tax collected by our hotels goes to support community programs.

How can Hudsonites support our tourism economy? Just keep being your wonderful, welcoming selves. The family getting out of the car with the Wisconsin license plate might be from Hudson, but they very well could be here from Milwaukee because they watched the Discover Wisconsin episode about Hudson. The four guys on Harleys with Minnesota plates might be friends from Afton, or they could be here from Duluth because they saw a Hudson ad in RoadRUNNER magazine. The show and ad were purchased by our tourism bureau, but the word of mouth from a great visit to Hudson is the most powerful tourism promotion tool of all, and you play a key role in creating that memorable experience.

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