So Hudson, Anything New?

So Hudson, anything new happening around town? Wow! Nearly every conversation I have these days includes my being asked a question along the lines of:

  • “What’s going in where (fill in the blank) used to be?” or
  • “What are they building where the (fill in the blank) used to be?” or
  • “When is construction going to begin on the (fill in the blank)?
The pace of growth and change in Hudson is so rapid that when a friend of the Chamber recently stopped in our office after having been away from Hudson for just a matter of months, she stated she felt like she was in a foreign country. I was amused when during a WCCO story about the meat vending machine outside RJ’s, the reporter referred to Hudson as a small town. That ship sailed a long-time ago.
I have often stated my admiration for how Hudson has retained a great sense of community even during the growth it has experience over the past 15 years. That sense of community will be tested even further as the growth now hits a fever pitch this summer (pun about the proposed Northwoods League baseball stadium very much intended). Fortunately summer in Hudson also brings something that helps renew our sense of community, festival season!
Yellowstone Trail Heritage Day on June 10 kicks off four months of events that showcase the best Hudson has to offer. Relay for Life, Booster Days, Concerts in the Park, River Fest, the Prairie Burn Music Festival, and Spirit of the St. Croix Art Festival are just a few of the community events that help make summer so special in Hudson. OK, technically the Spirit of the St. Croix Art Festival is the first weekend of fall, but I’m including it anyway.
A full listing of community events can be found on our events calendar at Please make it a point to attend one or more of these great events. Better yet, sign-up to volunteer or provide financial support through a sponsorship. Doing so will keep you connected with Hudson’s rich history and the great people that call this community home. Just be sure to leave plenty of commuting time because of that new construction project somebody will be asking me about. 

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